Friday, 15 January 2016

Article - Alex Gywther

An Introduction Note to Alex Gywther’s Article: Want an Impact? Tell a Good Story

Alex Gywther
Communications Manager at UKCDS

Much of the daily discourse and litany about the impact of research is about how can research increase its impact. And many hours are spent on developing the best strategy to improve the impact of research on multiple audiences.

But what if we shifted our attention to a different question? What about the research that has made a difference in the lives of people? What are the stories of impact and success from development research? What insights do stories reveal about the impact of research and value of good research in driving change? While a lot of research activity has significant impact, often they don’t tell a good story that attracts people.

In an article titled “Want an impact? Tell a good story”, Alex Gwyther tells the story of a project undertaken by the UK Collaborative on Development Sciences (UKCDS), to write 20 stories of development research impact.  Alex Gwyther’s article demonstrates the power of using stories to engage an audience. The impact stories developed by UKCDS takes the reader into the world of the research and the researcher, enabling the reader to “sense the process of change” and develop their own narrative and meaning.

Alex Gwyther is Communications Manager at UKCDS, the group of 14 UK government departments and major funders with interests in research for international development.

Reviewed by Susan Koshy
Designer of Learning Experiences, Knowledge Translator and Curator
Innohealth Systems/Blank Canvas

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