Thursday, 28 May 2015


Interview with Madhusudan Srinivas
Senior News Editor, NDTV

The notion of what the mainstream news media stands for has changed. In addition to the 4 most widely read newspapers in the country, it also includes TV channels with large viewership, social media platforms like Twitter, and key wire networks like Firstpost and The Wire (in the Indian context). The most important factor deciding the fate of a research communication product is its packaging; gone are the days when one Press Release sent to different media would result in coverage. Identifying opinion leaders amongst the media community and establishing personal contact with them is crucial. 

As a conclusion, Madhusudan remarked, “The genuine senior politician and bureaucrat is receptive to everything - right from pure newspaper to Twitter to PPTs – to everything… for the something to translate into policy action, you will definitely need hard-core research papers. And there is no set method – it has to be multi-pronged. You will have to do all of this together.”

Interviewed by Arushi Sen

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